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California Central Coast Pastel Society Presents Our Fall 2021 All Member Show



Welcome to our 3CPS Member Show Gallery! Please enjoy the beauty and variety showcasing our talented members. Questions or sales inquiries please Click Here and we will be happy to connect you with the artist.  Make sure to turn your volume up if you can’t hear the music!

Click on artwork to view the full image sized to your screen. Then click on X at top of picture to return to show.

Thank you very much for visiting!

Robin Angelides, White Beauty, 9x12, $200

White Beauty by Robin Angelides, 9×12, $200

Lia Anisgard, POW, NFS

POW by Lia Anisgard,  NFS

Linda Beze, Flight School, 19x25, $500

Flight School by Linda Beze, 19×25, $500

Carolyn Blackman, Tea for Two 13x17, $200

Tea for Two by Carolyn Blackman, 13×17, $200

Diane Breuer, Mother and Child, 9x10, $400

Mother and Child by Diane Breuer, 9×10, $400

KC Caldwell, The New Exhibit in Le Marais, 12x9, NFS

The New Exhibit at Le Marais by KC Caldwell, 12×9, NFS

Margaret Diebert, Dinky Creek, 9x12, $200

Dinky Creek by Margaret Diebert, 9×12, $200

Tom Frey, For the Love of Color, 12x9, $300

For the Love of Color by Tom Frey, 12×9, $300

Linda Weinberg Hammer, Willie, 14x14, $650

Willie by Linda Hammer, 14×14, $650

Chris Hays, Nellie Lake, 9x12, NFS

Nellie Lake by Chris Hays, 9×12, NFS

Carolyn Henderson, Coastal Rials, 16x20, NFS

Coastal Rails by Carolyn Henderson, 16×20, NFS

Sandi Heller, Carmel Dunes, 11x14, $300

Carmel Dunes by Sandi Heller, 11×14, $300

Deborah Hill, Fiesta Pears, NFS

Fiesta Pears by Deborah Hill, NFS

Lucinda Johnson, Yellow Wharf Hydrant, 9x12, NFS

Yellow Wharf Hydrant by Lucinda Johnson, 9×12, NFS

Suzanne Leslie, Lithia Light, 12x9, NFS

Lithia Light by Suzanne Leslie, 12×9, NFS

Ji Li, Sunset Pier, 5x7, $150

Sunset Pier by Ji Li, 5×7, $150

Mark Mertens, Breaking Waves, 11x14, $600

Breaking Waves by Mark Mertens, 11×14, $600

Heather O'Connor, Great-horned Owl, 9x12, $280

 Great-horned Owl by Heather O’Connor, 9×12, $280

Deborah Pepin, Living on the Edge, 16x12, $745

Living on the Edge by Deborah Pepin, 16×12, $745

Peggy Davidson Post, Hope, 12x18, $1450

Hope by Peggy Davidson Post, 12×18, $1450

Triaia Reichert, Evening Light in Biddle Park, 9x12, NFS

Evening Light in Biddle Park by Tricia Reichert, 9×12, NFS

Denise Schryver, Summer Day, 5x7, NFS

Summer Day by Denise Schryver, 5×7, NFS

Linda Garen Smith, Winter Afternoon, 11x14, $425

Winter Afternoon by Linda Garen Smith, 11×14, $425

Suzie Stach, California Devastation, 11x14, $650

California Devastation by Suzie Stach, 11×14, $650

Joan Sullivan, Del Prado Ranch, 16x12, NFS

Del Prado Ranch by Joan Sullivan, 16×12, NFS

Donna Theresa, Tangerine Dusk, 9x12, $325

Tangerine Dusk by Donna Theresa, 9×12, $325

Ginger Toomer, Mist on the Meadow, 8x10, NFS

Mist on the Meadow by Ginger Toomer, 8×10, NFS

Grey Trombley, Blue Sunset, 12x14, $275

Blue Sunset by Greg Trombley, 12×14, $275

Jim Tyler, San Simeon Sunset, 11x14, $700

San Simeon Sunset by Jim Tyler, 11×14, $700

Deborah Veldkamp, Laguna Ducks, 12x16, $350

Laguna Ducks by by Deborah Veldkamp, 12×16, $350

Bobbye West-Thompson, Turri Ranch RoAD, 12X16, $750

Turri Ranch Road by Bobbye West-Thompson, 12×16, $750

Priscilla White, The Old Barn, 11x14, NFS

The Old Barn by Priscilla White,  11×14, NFS

Maureen Wolfe, Red, Red Wine, 20x26, $800

Red, Red Wine by Maureen Wolfe, 20×26, $800

John Zaugg, Cactus, 8.75x9.75, $200

Cactus by John Zaugg, 8.75×9.75, $200