2-day Lorenzo Chavez Plein Air Workshop, May 20-21, 2020



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Students may register for one or both the plein air and studio workshops and we encourage you to take both!  Pieces that are started in the plein air workshop may be continued in the studio workshop, if you wish.  If you are only taking the studio workshop, you will work from your own personal photos.  The only requirement is that they inspire you.  Lorenzo will also help students with any work in progress that is challenging you, so feel free to bring a pesky problem piece to the workshop for his guidance.

Any questions?  Please call KC Caldwell at (805) 540-1470.


Lorenzo Chavez, 3cps Workshop 2020ABOUT LORENZO CHAVEZ

3CPS is excited to bring Lorenzo Chavez to the Central Coast for two incredible workshops!  Whether you prefer plein air painting or studio painting, you won’t want to miss this event.  His suggestive renderings and fluent technique in both Oil and Pastel have earned him numerous awards and many devoted collectors throughout the United States and he is considered by many to be the west’s premier pastel painter.  He has been the recipient of awards and honors from such notable groups at the Pastel Society of America, California Art Club, American Impressionist Society, numerous pastel societies across the United States, Society de Pastelists France, the C.M. Russell Auction, and Artist of the West Pioneer Museum.

Chavez is an active member of. Northwest Rendezvous of Art, Plein Air Painters of America, California Art Club Signature Member, American Impressionist Society and the Pastel Society of Spain.  His work is featured in six galleries in the United States and is included in Private, Corporate, University, and Museum collections nationally and internationally.


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